Lean Start Up

I read The Lean Startup a few weekends ago and it got me excited for developing in a lean way, what is the lean way? Well the way I understood it, it was trying to fail as fast as you can so you can learn from those failings and proving what you’re doing matters with actionable metrics.

It was in general light on concrete processes but the theory has changed the way I approach working on my personal projects, before I strived for technical perfection before I would release it, I’ve realised this is a mistake as it meant I was developing in a silo for many months sometimes years, often building features no one wants. Now I aim to build the minimal to validate my hypothesis that users want this feature and back it up with the data.

The data side of things is new for me as I don’t specialise in analytics but it’s quite interesting to understand how you can prove something analytically with control groups. So I’ve started to read The Lean Analytics which is a book in The Lean Series and also ordered Running Lean which I may end up reviewing sometime.

Anyhow to sign off, if you haven’t read The Lean Startup, definitely read it, if you’ve read it but can’t remember it, I recommend you read it again.